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2016-01-13 San José del Cabo to Bahia de Los Frailes

We have been sitting in San José del Cabo for over a month now. It is time to move on. From now on we are officially in the Sea of Cortez. We are heading to Bahia de Los Frailes. This is located either in or near the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park Zone.


2015-12-18 (Friday). San José del Cabo day six.

Well today we say goodbye to our neighbors for a couple of weeks. They are flying back to the states for Christmas but will return before New Years. I woke up at 0200 (2:00am) to the wind blowing. Looking out into the cockpit I see trash blowing all around. Lisa had set a bag of trash in the cockpit to be dumped into the trash can the next time someone went to the shore. Well the birds had got into it and now the wind is blowing about 10 to 15 knots and blowing everything. I get a new bag and catch what I can and take it to the trash can so it won’t happen again.

We found out later this morning that San José del Cabo is in the mountain time zone. I had noticed that when we got here that my phone had what I thought was the wrong time. I thought it was because someone had messed up at the phone company because it said the time zone was Mazatlán. Well I guess it is actually correct. I guess we have been an hour late since we got here.

2015-12-11 & 12 (Friday & Saturday). Puerto Magdalena to San José del Cabo.

The day started early for the long trip to San José del Cabo, near Cabo San Lewis. We decided on San José del Cabo as it is not so busy and noisy as Cabo yet still close to the Costco and Wal-Mart in Cabo.


2015-11-26 (Thursday). Bahia Santa Maria day four.


The winds have died down and the weather is looking better and better for the trip south.


2015-11-25 (Wednesday). Bahia Santa Maria day three.

Today the wind is blowing at 20+ knots as predicted. Not much to do today except to hang out in the boat and do some reading.

The plan now is to do the following:

  • Hang out here until the weather clears up on Saturday
  • Get underway 11/28 @ 0600 (6:00am) and transit to Punta Baja anchorage at 29°57.280'N  115°48.090'W. We will arrive the same day @ 1600 (4:00pm).
  • Get underway 11/29 @ 0500 (5:00am) and transit to Islas San Benito anchorage at 28°18.180'N  115°34.330'W. We will not arrive until 11/30 @ 1500 (3:00pm).
  • Get underway 12/1 @t 1500 (3:00am) and transit to Turtle Bay anchorage at 27°41.449'N  114°52.383'W. This is another overnight passage and we will not arrive until 12/2 @ 1100 (11:00am).

If the weather still doesn’t look very good, we need 5 days of good weather, we will leave on 12/2 with the same schedule and route.

2015-11-24 (Tuesday). Bahia Santa Maria day two.


Well our friends are still here. They also didn’t like what the weather looked like.

2015-11-23 (Monday). Bahia Santa Maria day one.

Well the weather is not cooperating. We need 5 days of good weather to finish this portion of our trip that ends at Bahia De Tortugas. There are 3 legs to this trip. First leg is 30 nm to Punta Baja. This anchorage is a good anchorage to hide from the weather. The second leg is 100 nm to Islas San Benito. This is an overnight voyage and will be the longest to date we have done. The last leg is 60 nm to Turtle Bay anchorage at Bahia De Tortugas. This will be another overnight trip. We don’t want to get caught out in the open ocean in 20+ mph winds.

The safest place to wait this out is Bahia Santa Maria.


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