Our RV Life

In 2017 we decided that we had tired of the sailing life and started looking for a truck and trailer to travel the United States in. 

We purchased a Ford F350 truck in order to pull our new , yet to be found, home. A week later we purchased a new 2018 Coachman Chaparral Lite 285RLS.

We made 2 trips around the western united states, west of the Mississippi exploring what the United Stated has to offer. We typically spent a week at each location and traveled no more than 200 miles to our next stop. 

These are our adventures traveling the Unites States exploring the wonderful things that are here.

  • Our Travel Routes

  • Distilleries that we visited

  • National parks we have visited

  • RV parks we have visited

  • By Someone in the Rogers family - Old photo album, Public Domain, Link

    Towns we have visited

  • Restaurants we have visited

  • Wineries we have visited

  • Working on our new 5th wheel.

  • Brewpubs that we visited