Well the first night that we slept on the Fat-Dash it was cold, really cold. Luckily we brought sleeping bags and were warm. On the early morning walk to the dock heads there was frost on the dock and of course the boat. The next morning we awoke to dripping from the ceiling. Our breath had condensed and formed moisture on the inside of the boat. Later I was to discover that this is due to not enough ventilation, not lack of heat. While heat will help stop the condensation a boat really needs a lot of ventilation. The Fat-Dash has 2 vent fans to the outside but both were not working.

The next night I turned on some heaters that I found in the boat during the day of exploring. One heater was permanently mounted in the forward berth and the other was placed above the master berth in the aft end of the Fat-Dash. This helped the moisture problem but a more permanent solution was required.

I purchased a couple of Narco Day Night Solar Vent fans from West Marine. While these are not cheap I figure that the damage that mold and insufficient ventilation would cause would be a lot more than the cost. These fans are suppose to exchange 24,000 cubic feet of air a day. One will be set for intake and the other will be configured for exhaust.

In a couple of days I will be heading to the boat for the weekend and I will be mounting the fans. At that time I will report how the installation went and what was need to complete it. Oh and of course pictures.

I have installed the two Narco Day Night Solar Vent fans from West Marine and they are working great.  They seem to be exchanging their air at a reasonable rate and the cabin doesn’t have that musty smell.

I put one of the fans in the same spot as the existing broken fan was, through the aft cabin port light.  The other fan I installed in the forward cabin port light instead of the head.  The reason for this is that if the head door is open either the rest of the boat is closed off or the forward cabin is closed off.  I wanted the air to circulate without restriction.  Besides the port lights need replacing at some time.