Sell most of your possesions…check

Hang out at your sister-in-law’s house while she dives in Palau…check

And while waiting for her return, there’s some planning to do.

Like, planning to shop for groceries for the boat while it’s in dry-dock, and the only cooking apparatus available are a microwave, and a single propane burner (at least until we get the new stove installed.)  I also have an Omni Stove, that will bake using any heat source like the single propane burner, or a BBQ should ours start working (which it doesn’t).

I also don’t like to use pre-packaged meals due to salt and preservative contents. So, I’ll try to make sure I buy mostly bulk items that I’ll add my own seasonings, etc. to. I think I’ll try to plan for a week at a time, until we are underway, at which time I’ll buy more dry and canned goods than perishable items.

Time to think up some meal plans.