My newest project has been to clean, prime, and paint the closet/storage locker areas, because they appear to have never been cleaned in the 33 years this boat has been around. The afore mentioned areas were covered with mold/mildew due to there being inadequate ventilation in the boat for years, and just plain neglect in cleaning. I used a solution of Tri Sodium Phosphate (TSP) and bleach or ammonia depending on the area I was cleaning. (I didn’t want to use the bleach solution over the carpeted areas.) Then, once that was complete, I used Kilz primer on all of the closet/storage locker surfaces, and then I used exterior semi-gloss paint with primer to finish. Mostly so I could create a surface that was easy to clean in case there were any spills, as I am keeping food items in many of the storage locker areas. I am finished with most of the closet spaces, and I feel as though this process worked rather well.