Tonight was chili night. I decided to try making my famous cornbread using the Omnia Oven from Sweden on the top of the stove. I have made this cornbread many times using the recipe on the box of the Albers Corn Meal (more than 100 times). This time I mixed all the ingredients like normal, by hand, and put the batter in the Omnia Oven. Lisa heated the base 3 minutes and the cooking began. About 25 minutes later we had cornbread. I will say that not only did the Omnia Oven cook it like normal but I think that it did better than a standard oven. The cornbread was lightly brown, completely done inside, and moist throughout. I give the Omnia Oven  5 stars.

You can buy the Omnia Oven on Sea Dog Boating Solutions.