Well it’s time to leave Capitola. We have seen most of the town and we would maybe stay for a while longer except that the anchorage is well protected from NW swells and that is what we had when we came in but the last day and a half it has been SW swells and that is what is predicted to continue for the next week. The boat is doing a constant roll 24 hours a day so we are pulling up anchor, actually untying from the mooring ball and heading to Monterey.

We got a early start at at 0836, which is early for people that like to sleep in to 0900. It was a dark and gloomy morning.


We had captain Lisa at the helm DSCN3341 but she soon tired and gave the helm to the first mate Mike. It was a mostly boring trip except that we passed over a part of the Monterey Canyon. It wasn’t the deepest part but as you can see it was over 2100 feet where we passed over.DSCN3345 It did give us a chance to see how deal our depth sounder would go, a little over 600 feet, and how it reacts when it is in deep water, it just flashes random depths.

After about 3 hours we contacted Monterey by phone, it’s easier to call then use the radio, and got a birth assignment. DSCN3352 We followed some other boats entering the harbor and wound our way through the kayakers and entered the harbor found our slip and tied up.

Ahh no more rolling. Little did we know what was in store for us.

As a side note we have been off the grid, running full time on solar, for over two weeks. We don’t even plan to connect here at Monterey. Batteries are recharged 100% every day even on the cloudy days.