IMG_1961Well when IMG_1963IMG_1966IMG_1970we pulled in yesterday it was a peaceful slip.

It wasn’t more than a couple of hours later that we saw a sea lion in the slip next to us.

Then there were a couple more sea lions and they jumped onto the dock. We thought this was really cool and took pictures.We knew nothing of what was to come.

We went shopping and came back and there were about a half dozen sea lions blocking our access to our boat. I stomped my feet and clapped my hands and they all jumped in.

Time for a nice shower with unlimited hot water. It was wonderful, private shower with lots of room and reasonablly clean. On the way back I found that the sea lions were again blocking our access to FatDash. Stomping and making noise got them to jump in again. Later we met Cathy who said that the marina had been having a problem with the sea lions in the exact slip they had given us. Thanks Harbor Master!

Well that night they all came back, a lot of them. Most people don’t realize that these vile dirty creatures do nothing all night but fight, bark and shit. I don’t mean a little pile of poo, oh no, it actually squirts and hits the side of the boat covering everything. Sorry for the graphic description but then again you weren’t the one scrubbing the side of your boat the next day.

So today we have put up a barrier around FatDash. Also every time one of these vile creatures even looks like they want to stay I hit them with the hose. It is the stupidest thing, sea lions are afraid of water from a hose. So far no sea lions in sight. Hopefully this is the end of the sea lion problems.

We did have a good day today. We went on a walk from the harbor to the Aquarium and back. This covers all of Cannery Row and all the tourist spots. Considering it is a Saturday we got to blend in.

We did have one problem though. In one little shop the proprietor asked where we were from. We didn’t have an answer. Do we say we are local because we actually are living here locally. Do we say we are from the last port we were at because that is where we are from. We didn’t know. We do really feel homeless yet everywhere is our home.

Update: it is now 2016 (8:16 pm) and I just checked and no sea lions. Guess the party is on someone else’s dock.