Well the sea lions have been staying away most of the time. Whenever one comes near the boat or slip he gets a blast of water that scares them off.

Today we are doing chores. First up is grocery shopping. We did go to Trader Joe’s which is about a 3/4 mile away but some of the things we needed they just didn’t have. Off to Safeway on the bikes. This is the first time we have used the bikes to provision. Having a car when we went shopping we just tossed everything into the back. Lots of room. Now everything has to fit on the bike. Sounds simple except when purchasing things like paper towels. The 8 pack is on sale but where do we put it? Two pack it is whatever the price. Also the Safeway has no bike racks. There are tables in front so we locked the bikes to them.

After getting back it is time to relax.