Well this is our first day at San Simeon anchorage and first order of things to do is review everything that happened yesterday and what we need to do from now on.

First the anchorage is a nice place but sometimes it can be a little rolly.


There is a little humpback whale in the anchorage between the beach and us. _MG_0110_MG_0111

Now it’s time to work on the solution to our problems. The first thing I did was post the symptoms of the coolant leek to a Marine Diesel Facebook Group. Right away there was a response saying it is a blown head gasket or a cracked head or cylinder block. The suggestion is that it could be run as long as I kept an eye on the temperature. I double and triple checked and blown head gasket was the overwhelming answer.

Ok now to find a upper end gasket set so I can tear down to the head gasket and verify that that is all it is. I found a couple of places:

http://www.parts4engines.com/perkins-4-154/ $58.67
http://www.ebay.com/itm/PERKINS-88994-Gasket-Set-Top-Perkins-4-154-4-154-/181731691293 $574.11

that have a set for but as you can see that is quite a price spread. The cheap one is in the UK but with shipping it is still only $105.

Now that I know where to get a gasket set we have to decide where we want to tear down the engine. We can’t do it where we are at as there is no town or anything. We decide that the best place is Ventura but that is at least 5 days away and some long 10 hour passages. Plan is to port hop to Ventura but if needed we could do the work at any of 4 different ports we will be at.

Now that that is settled it’s time to watch the little whale have dinner. Comfort food.