Well today is a day of rest and recuperation. Now that we have a plan I can breath a sigh of relief and start relaxing. There is nothing I can do while we are here about the engine so I will start planning each segment of the trip to Ventura.

The little humpback whale is back today. It looks like he goes down and gathers the fish into a group then he comes up below them and scoops them into his mouth. The birds go crazy when he does this as he must drop some for them. I can’t believe how close in to the shore he goes. At times he must be scraping the bottom. There are also seals and I believe I saw a porpoise.

IMG_2015 - copy_MG_0004_MG_0002

Most of the rest of the day was planning the trip to Ventura. It will be 5 days of sailing but not all in a row.

We are getting back into the rhythm of relaxing.