Well today we left San Simeon anchorage and headed for Port San Lewis. This is a 42 nautical mile trip and took us 7 hours to complete it. We traveled an average of 5.57 knots or 6.4 miles per hour. To put that in terms everyone understands people walk at about 3.1 miles per hour. Also if you look it up on Google Maps it says that the trip walking will take 17 hours 12 minutes and it is almost 52 miles.

The morning was very foggy when we go underway at 6:45am. Our VHF radio has a function that operates a fog horn automatically. This is a big help. For a sailboat under motor the fog horn has to sound a 5 second blast every two minutes. For us this ran for 5 hours.

The fog broke up about 11:45am and we could see the shore and Point Buchon. The winds were calm and sailing wasn’t possible. We ran the engine the whole way at 2000 RPM and there were no problems with it. After we got by Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power plant we started seeing dolphins and whales. One big whale surfaced right in front of us and then went down raising the flukes high up in the air. Lisa freaked and wasn’t sure if we should turn, stop, or just continue as normal. The tail was larger than our boat.

We got to Point San Luis about 1:39pm and secured the boat. We didn’t feel like doing anything else so we rested the rest of the day and went to bed early, even for us, at about 7:30pm.