Well after getting up and having breakfast it was time to take a look around. Ok it is a foggy morning. We are anchored between 2 piers. The pier south of us is Avila pier.


The pier north of us is Cal Poly pier.


Directly in front of us is Avila beach.


When we go to shore we have to go all the way to the pier at the Port San Luis Harbor Masters office called Harford pier. It is over a nautical mile by dingy.

We decided to do the mile trip to the Harbor Masters office and check in. You are allowed to anchor out for 7 days. Longer than that it costs $9 per day. Their motto must be “Nice to see you now move along”.

After checking in and asking lots of questions we decided to go visit Avila. It is a 1.5 mile walk that is along the beach. We took the opportunity to take some pictures of the boat and some other stuff along the way.


We soon got to Avila and walked along the beach there.


Avila is a nice town with small shops and lots of places to eat. Prices are normal for a tourist location. We stayed for a few hours looking around and tasting some wine. Then it was time for the walk back and then the dingy ride back to about where we started.