Well today Lisa is going to row in. We took the motor off the dingy and secured it to the aft railing. This is not a simple job. I must detach the motor from the dingy, move it to where the ladder is going up the side of the boat, lift it up to my shoulders so that Lisa can grab it and haul it onto the deck. Then we have to walk the motor to the aft of the boat, lift it over the rail and mount it to the motor bracket there.

After we got everything secured we got into the dingy so that Lisa could row to shore. We cast off and here we go. We are going the wrong way. The wind is blowing us backward. At this rate we will be in Mexico in a couple of days. I take the oars and start rowing as fast as I can just to get to the aft end of the boat. Lisa grabs the boat and she pulls the dingy back up to the ladder hand over hand. We tie off and decide we will go in tomorrow with the engine. Rest of the day was spent doing chores, filling up propane bottles for the motor and relaxing.