Well today we are planning to dingy in to the dock and catch the Avila Beach Trolley. This is a free service that they run and it goes all the way to Pismo Beach outlet stores.


From there it is a short walk to shopping for groceries. We spent a couple of hours wandering around. We walked back to the older part of Pismo Beach and had lunch at a little Mexican place. The tortillas were hand made and tasted wonderful.


On the way back we stopped at the beach and went down the boardwalk. Lisa wanted to see the ocean from the other side.


We stopped at a little bakery and bought a couple of cinnamon rolls. We wanted them for breakfast but when they told us that they were fresh and hot from the oven we had to sit down and eat part of them right there. We did save some for breakfast the next morning.

After doing our grocery shopping we went to the trolley stop and got our free ride back to the dock. The wind had come up and the wind waves were getting big for the dingy. We got back to the boat fairly dry until we missed grabbing the boat toe rail and at that same time we ran out of propane. Now we are drifting downwind at a serious pace as I change out the propane bottle. New bottle on, pull on the starter cord, engine fires and we are now off headed back to the boat. Now we are heading into the waves and I have to stay at full speed to make any headway. The waves are splashing completely over the boat. We get to the boat and start offloading. The paper towels, toilet paper, us, and most of the rest of the groceries are soaked. Offloading is very difficult as the dingy is bouncing one direction and the boat is bouncing the other direction. We also have 2 five gallon water jugs to offload. First one I lift up to place on the ladder step, the boat moves away and I end up setting the container into the ocean. I hold on and am able to get it back onto the dingy. Couple of deep breaths and try again. Success. Now the second one. Piece of cake. Now time to dry everything off. Here are a couple of pictures but they don’t really show what it was like.


The rest of the day was spent drying off and sitting on deck having a drink and saying never again, if we can help it.