Well today is cleaning day. We started the day by taking the dingy in. At the pier there is a one stop facility.


First up is to wash ourselves. We have been using public showers for the last year almost the time. We miss not being able to shower together. One reason we like the phone booth shower in the cockpit on the boat is that we can shower together. If we shower in the shower down below there is only room for one person. The problem with the phone booth shower is if there is wind getting the tarps up is difficult.

These showers are big and both of you can go in at the same time. It is a little crowded with all the laundry in there also and for $1 you only get about 5 minutes. Also it takes 30 seconds or so to warm up. No adjustment of the temperature.


Now that we are clean it’s time for the clothes. After yesterdays soaking everything is covered in salt. Fortunately no one is using any washers. $2 a wash and $2 a dry. On the other hand there is free electricity for drying hair.


Finally done with the clothes and it’s after 2pm. The wind is coming up again and we are not wanting to repeat the events of last night. We will run the clothes, and 10 more gallons of water, to the boat and see how things are. There is a farmers market at Avila today from 4 to 8pm and we still need fresh vegetables. We get back to the boat and it is getting worse. Now we are stuck on the boat or face a very upwind trip back to the dock. Oh well.

Now it is a little after 6pm and the wind has died down. If we leave now we can catch the 7:20pm trolley to Avila and do our shopping. We get moving and just catch the trolley. We get to Avila Farmers Market and in 20 minutes or so we are done. Now it is 7:50pm and sunset is at 7:42pm. I am worried that we may not be able to find FatDash. In our haste we forgot to put on the anchor light. Since we have left the bay area we have found that hardly anyone turns on their anchor light. Ours burned out a couple of weeks ago but I have a spare that I strap to the main boom and connect to the power jack on the pedestal in the cockpit. None of this matters as it is not connected.

I give Lisa all the groceries and head off for the 30 foot climb down to the surface of the ocean. On the way down I untie my dingy line and pull it up so I can step off the ladder into the dingy. There are lines everywhere and I can’t start the engine for fear of getting it tangled in the other lines. I row over to where Lisa is at the loading dock. She has also been busy shooing a big sea lion off the dock. People on the pier above are impressed at this lady taking on the big sea lion. Little do they know that we are now professional sea lion herders. I pull up and we load up and off we go. Lisa is on the bow with a flashlight looking out for buoys and the occasional boat. We get across the mooring field and under the Cal Poly pier. Problem is I don’t know where down the pier I am crossing under. All the times before I had a spot that I would look for but at night I could not locate it.

Well we are under the pier and next stop is FatDash. Except there are suppose to be 3 boats in the anchorage and we can see none of them. Wait there is the boat that is next to us. We get closer and oh no it’s not the boat that is next to us it is the boat furthest from us. We are headed the wrong way. We come about 180 degrees and head for the lights of Avila. In a few minutes we pass the boat that is anchored out a little further than us. Ok, now next stop FatDash. Then it comes to us, we should be seeing our boat by now. We are lost. Then looking over to port I see a faint outline. Just a hole in the lights. There it is and we come to port 90 degrees. 2 minutes later we are alongside and going through the offloading procedures. The only nice thing is the water is flat and no wind. Dingy secured, food put away, time for a drink and bed.