So today was out transit from Cojo anchorage to Santa Barbara. This is a nice sheltered anchorage that allows us to rest up after transiting Point Conception.


You must always remember that it only protects you from NW weather and any southern weather can be dangerous.


The day started early as the rolling was bad and it appeared another boat had dragged their anchor and was getting closer and closer to us. We pulled anchor early at 0730 (7:30am) instead of the planned 0800 (8:00am) time. We would eat breakfast on the way.

The seas were calm and there was no wind.


The last picture was a humpback whale feeding. I will post some video but he was a long distance away.

A few miles out of the anchorage we ran into a oil slick. It smelled really bad, like it smells around an oil refinery. There were long lines of a chocolate colored blobs with the distinctive rainbow sheen around them. This went on for a couple of miles before be got out of it. Finally the smell was going away.

About an hour later we motoring along and the sea had gone flat. No waves at all just a rolling swell. The smell had come back. The flat ocean was actually oil that had formed a layer on the top, like the skin on pudding cooling. As the bow went through this the oil broke up. I took some pictures, unfortunately no movies.


In the above pictures remember we are motoring at 6 knots. This goes as far as we could see.

At this time Lisa looked up the number for the National Response Center and reported our position. They took Lisa’s number and said that the USCG may be calling her. A few minutes later the USCG in Sacramento, determined by area code, called and asked the same questions. Finally the Santa Barbara USCG called and asked the same questions. The questions they asked are, “What color is it? Does it have a rainbow? Do you know where it is coming from?” They didn’t want to know how big it was but we told them that we have been in it for 20 or more miles, closer to 30 miles. No one asked what it smelled like but Lisa told them it smells like a oil refinery. Lisa did say that we saw a dead sea lion that looked like it hadn’t been dead long. They all seemed very interested in that.

I am hoping someone will investigate this soon. We love the ocean and that is our home 7×24. Every day we are able to view and interact with nature. We hate to see it spoiled.

If I ever hear from anyone that something is being done I will post it here.

To continue we finally arrived at the Santa Barbara anchorage. I is a nice spacious anchorage. Although as I am writing this we are finding it is rolly. We will be getting rocked to sleep tonight.