Today is laundry and prepare for the trip to San Diego day. Also there is suppose to be a eclipse of the moon, blood moon, tonight at 1947 (7:47pm).

We set off in the dingy loading up the trash, laundry , and bags to carry laundry and ice back. Of course the trash we got rid of right away. Next we loaded the folding dolly and off we went. There is only one washer/drier combination at each location in the marina. The first one was being used. On to the next one. Score, it’s empty. We put one load in and off to the next and last one. It is also not being used. We load it up and now it’s time to climb the hill to the top and go to the Ralph’s at the top of the hill and get milk. Nice thing is it’s all down hill on the way back. We get back just as the washer is getting done and now it’s drier time. We kill another hour looking around and sitting in the shade drinking lemonades from the little liquor store.


Laundry is done and time to pack up, but not before we stock up on ice. So with laundry and ice on the dolly we head off for the dingy tied up at the pier.


By the time we go back the anchorage had emptied out.


We put things away and planned the trip for tomorrow. It was a beautiful sunset and the blood moon was neat. Couldn’t take any pictures as the exposure would be 5 minutes long on a moving boat.

Tomorrow is an early morning, 0600 (6:00am) so early to bed it is.