Well today I got up to a beautiful sunrise. I say I because Lisa is trying to sleep in but the kelp flies are not cooperating. They get in through any opening in the screens. They just walk around the edge. Then in the morning at sunrise they become active.

Today I need to figure out why the batteries didn’t charge yesterday. We are down to 78% for the house batteries. The starting battery is isolated so I am not worried about starting the engine. First I will clean the panels and face them toward the sun for maximum exposure. I reseated the connectors on the panels and have been watching it all day.

I spent most of the day refining my spreadsheet to calculate the gph (gallons per hour) burn rate that FatDash is doing. We seem to average about 1.6 to 1.7 gph. This may sound boring but when you run out of fuel on a voyage it is not fun.

We have been invited over to another boat for sundowners. Hoping to get some information on other places to go. We talked to a couple of other boaters today and both of them said they wouldn’t overnight at Anacapa Is. They both recommended Smugglers Cove. So plans have changed. We will go to Smugglers Cove and then on to Paradise Cove.

Well we are back at 87% on the batteries. This is the house batteries and the percentage is the usable power out of 640 amp hours.

The sundowner was fun. Got to meet some more boaters boaters and some people that have cruised in the Sea of Cortez. Came back to the boat and checked on our experiment using the ice cube trays that came with the boat to make ice cubes. Ever since we gave one of the power boaters some diesel on labor day weekend and he offered to get us some ice, but unfortunately he had run out we have been wanting a iced drink. We have cold beer, sometimes, but no ice cubes for 2 weeks now. Well the good news is I am sitting here drinking a COLD margarita. Smile