Well today I woke up to another beautiful sunrise. Also sometime in the early morning the dive boats Truth and Conception for Truth Aquatics in Santa Barbara joined us. I have dived the Channel Islands on both of these boats. Well worth the expense.

We are going to Smugglers Cove on the east side of the island. We will use this as a launching off point to transit to the San Pedro bay where we will spend a week or so cleaning up and resupplying. As this is only a 2 hour trip we didn’t get started until after 0900 (9:00am).


We said goodbye to Prisoners Harbor and started out with Captain Lisa at the helm. There was no wind and the sky was broken clouds. We will be going by Chinese Harbor, Potato Harbor and rounding Cavern Point. This is the way we came to Prisoners Harbor and so when we go around Cavern point it will all be new to us.


As we rounded Cavern Point we understood why they it has it’s name. There were lots of kayakers exploring the various caverns.


As we kept going we came across a pier and bunk house. This is where all the kayakers are coming from.


The pier, and bunk house look onto Scorpion Anchorage. This is a nice protected anchorage and where we will go if Smugglers Cove is too bad.


Continuing around Pedro Point the next stop is Smugglers Cove.


Well this doesn’t look too bad. The swells ARE coming out of the south at least 4 feet at 10 seconds as forecasted. We have a light wind from the south west which is keeping us into the swells. First we cruised through Smugglers Cove and continued on to Yellowbanks Anchorage where one lone sailboat is anchored. We asked if they have been anchored long and they said they have been there a couple of days. They said that it was pretty bad but it has been getting better every day. We went back to Smugglers Cove to anchor just off of the Coast Guard buoy. We drop anchor and 200 feet of chain in 30 feet, hook on the bridal and put out another 30 feet of chain. We really don’t want to drift into shore.

We secure FatDash and decide to sit and wait to see if the anchor holds. When I went down below to set Drag Queen I noticed that I had 380 new emails on my phone and it said that I had phone service. Lisa got on her phone and called her parents and kids to tell them how we are doing. I was able to download the weather, a lot easier than using the SSB or listening to the forecast on the VHF. After a couple of hours we everything looks good and as we are getting pretty “ripe” we decide to take a shower in the cockpit. As we are the only boat around for miles we weren’t going to need the tarps, or so we thought.


We got the shower ready and just as we are going to strip down we noticed something red floating in the water. As it got closer we could tell it was a “Happy Birthday” balloon. People please don’t let your balloons go. They never die. As our attention was on the balloon it took us a while to notice the other red object in the water, a kayaker. So much for the open cockpit. We get the tarps and put up side curtains. The shower was refreshing. Someone asked us how much water we use for showers. For both of us we use less than 3 gallons. Considering we shower about every 3 days that is less than half a gallon per person per day for showers. Not bad considering that the news is always saying a person uses 95 gallons of water per day. I never feel bad washing the boat with fresh water.


Soon after we finish our showers the boats started coming in, and in, and in. More than 35 boats in all including a Coast Guard Ship. There were about 5 sailboats and all the rest were small to giant fishing boats. We are glad we were done with our shower. We had only put up the side curtains. We would have been providing quite a show.

Anyway while we don’t like having all the other boats around us we feel secure having the Coast Guard moored next to us.

We had a couple of Margaritas, with ice Smile, while eating chicken enchiladas and watching the Coast Guard side tie to the mooring ball. The sun went down the stars came out and it was time for bed.