This trip is the longest one so far. It is a little more than 70mn (nautical miles) and will take at least 13 hours. We got up at 0400 (4:00am) so we could leave by 0500 (5:00am) for a arrival time of 2000, actually we are expecting to arrive earlier. Unfortunately Lisa woke up at 0230 (2:00am) and couldn’t go back to sleep.

The day started with my workout. Pulling up 200+ feet of anchor chain by hand. This is equal to lifting 350 pounds ad 0500 in the morning. Another way to put it, the depth is 35 feet and 35 feet of  chain weighs 65 pounds. I can pull about 2 feet at a time. So that is 100 65 pound rows.

Then Lisa had to navigate through a field of anchored boats, in the dark, to find our way out of the anchorage and into open water. By the way we found out why the anchorage was so crowded. There is a big fishing tournament.


Our route took us on the north side of Anacapa Island due east all the way to Los Angles harbor. The first picture is of one of the two breaks in the island. The middle picture is of arch rock at the eastern end of the island and the last picture is sunrise, finally.

The trip consisted of going due east for 12 hours to LA harbor. Very boring. The only interesting thing was the military doing “live firing” nearby and the Coast Guard Vessel Fleet Controller trying to keep the fisherman from going into the area. As we passed the area, we were within 2nm of the restricted zone, we could hear the explosions.

We finally hit the mainland at about Santa Monica but continued east along the coast.


We were finally back to civilization.

When we got a cell phone signal we started calling marinas. First one closes at 1400 (2:00pm) on Sunday. Next one answers and has room for us. They even have a special, pay for 4 nights get 3 nights free. Great. Now we need to get insurance and documentation to them. Lisa spends about an hour trying to upload the documents and finally gets it to upload. They have the papers and we have a slip.

Later we realize that we don’t know where the slip is. This is the same problem we have had at every marina we have stayed at. Why can’t they put a map online showing where every slip is? She tells us that we are in berth 29A slip 39. We look at all the posts and can find no reference to berth 29A. We did finally find slip 39A. It is open and now it will be ours, at least for the night.

Now to go get the key that they left for the guard. We call the guard and he knows nothing about it. We might as well be back at anchor at one to the islands where we can’t touch shore. Well we have 4 beer left and leftovers so we make the best of it and off to bed. Tomorrow will be another experience, but it won’t start until at least after 1000 (10:00am).