We arrived late on Sunday and the marina office was closed. We got up and had breakfast and arrived at the marina office about 1000 (10:00am). We signed the paperwork and paid for the slip for the week. Next we went to check on the laundry facilities.


They have 2 separate laundry facilities that each have 2 washers and 3 driers. A load of clothes in either costs $1. This is the cheapest we have found anywhere. We start the laundry, 4 loads are needed, and head for the showers. It is refreshing to be able to take a unlimited water shower. Not that we go overboard on water usage but we do use more than our boat showers of 1½ gallons each. After our showers our dirty clothes go in with the second 2 loads of clothes and the first 2 loads go in the driers. Now it’s time to sit and wait for the clothes to get done. After a couple of hours we are done with laundry and it’s time to get the bikes out and go shopping.

Vons is the closest grocery store just 2 miles away, a 15 minute ride. We unfold the bikes, strap on the panniers (bags to carry things) to the bikes and off we go. We have quite a lot of groceries to get so it will be interesting getting back with everything. We find Vons and get our shopping done. Vons is essentially a Safeway. The prices are not cheap. Also we have to tell the baggers to just put the items back in the cart so we can bag it ourselves. We are able to get everything into 2 panniers and one backpack.

It is now just before 1700 (5:00pm) so I rush to the marina office and purchase some ice for adult refreshments tonight.

All in all not a bad day. We are clean, our clothes are clean, and we have food.