Today we will be having visitors. Mandy and Steve Dolan who are Lisa’s cousins are coming down for a visit. They live near by and want to see FatDash and us.

Time to do some cleaning. That means that I will become scarce and do things topside while Lisa cleans down below. Both of us have quit offering to help for things like cleaning, cooking, washing dishes, etc. There is just not enough rook for 2 people to do these things and both of us know it. The best thing someone can do is get out of the way. It works for us.

Anyway Lisa gets the inside clean and I straighten up the topsides and myself, another shower with unlimited water Open-mouthed smile.

They call us when they get in the parking lot and we bring them down to FatDash. It was a pleasant time and allowed us to get to know one another. I only met Mandy and Steve one other time and Lisa had also only met Steve one other time. Mandy and Lisa had known each other for a long time. Unfortunately Mandy had a class to teach this afternoon so the visit was cut short but we got to see her again later in the week.