Well today we are meeting not only my friend but a friend that I have known and been in touch with longer than anyone else I know. Yes I know I have relatives that are friends but that doesn’t count.

We are suppose to meet today at 1130 (11:30am). Problem is she didn’t have my phone number to call, she had it but the number was bad. I had some phone numbers for her but over the years I had collected so many I didn’t know what number to use. Well 1130 came and went. No Kris. Finally I am waiting at FatDash looking at my computer and a message pops up saying that Kris had commented on a post of mine?? Why is she FaceTimeing when we are suppose to be meeting. Then it dawns on me she is trying to tell me she is here in the parking lot.

We finally meet up and we head to Ports O’ Call Village and have lunch at Crusty Crab. The food was ok but after a couple of hours we noticed that all the staff were sitting at tables talking and there were no customers in the restaurant. We retired back to FatDash and continued catching up on events that have happened since the last time I saw Kris.