Well today we wanted to go back to Ports O’ Call Village over by the USS Iowa. We were there yesterday with Kris for lunch and we thought we would stop over there on our way to West Marine.

We had a nice lunch at a little fish stand and then Lisa went shopping for dresses. She found a couple and then it was off to West Marine, but not before riding by the USS Iowa. It is a big battle ship. We didn’t go on board as it runs $18 per person and we didn’t have that much interest in it and I’ve been on enough ships.

Now across the street is West Marine. I need to get a anchor for anchoring bow and stern in some anchorages. I do have an additional anchor but it also weighs 65 pounds, the same as my main anchor, and is a backup in case something happens to the main anchor. By the way I love my Mantus anchor. It has set every time and holds for weeks on end without problems. When it’s time to pull it up it comes loose right away. Well I wanted a Danforth style anchor that is about 25 pounds. The West Marine Performance2 Anchor fits the bill. It weighs 26 pounds and should be ok to hold the stern.


Now it was time to get it home. We had 2½ miles to go to get back to FatDash. I strapped it to the back of my bike and off we went. It was surprisingly smooth.

That was it for the day so we relaxed.