Well today Lisa’s cousin, Mandy, is going to visit us at FatDash this afternoon. We needed some snacks for the afternoon so the day started out with another bike ride. We decided to try going toward the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium and up the hill to Beach City Market,  a little local grocery store. This route is 1.7 miles and up a steep hill. It is also down the same hill before you get to the market. We should have taken the shorter route, 1.4 miles that doesn’t go up such a hill. This is the way we took going back.


Later Mandy arrived and we had a wonderful time talking late into the afternoon.


Toward the end of the day we had a visitor on the next slip. Later after Mandy left he had a friend join him for the night. Actually when the people came back to their slip after being out sailing all day they shooed both of them off.