I’m back!!!.

Let me explain. When we got here and got settled into our slip the weather was hot. Really HOT. We opened up all the port lights and hatches, they all have screens on them, and left them open all night. The cool night air was refreshing and allowed us to sleep. We did this Sunday night and unfortunately Monday night. Well Monday night at about 0300 (3:00am) Lisa realized that she was getting wet. Rain was coming through the hatch. She got up and saw that my notebook was open, on, and right under another hatch. I wake up as she is trying to close the hatch because she doesn’t want my notebook to get any wetter. As I pointed out to her later all she had to do is move the notebook but at that hour we don’t have a lot of logic. Well we got everything closed, it doesn’t rain in California, and I dried out my notebook. Well hours later when I went to test it to see if everything was ok I found out the keyboard “space” and “b” keys were not working. I tried to write some things but without a space key it just wasn’t working.

Well I found a replacement keyboard and ordered one to be delivered next day air, it cost as much for the shipping as the keyboard, because I couldn’t take a chance that we would be gone before it arrived at the marina. I ordered it on Tuesday hoping it would be shipped by Wednesday or Thursday and I would have it before the weekend. Well they didn’t deliver it to the post office until Thursday, but that would have been ok except that they didn’t ship it next day air but shipped it USPS Priority Mail which is 2 to 3 days delivery.

Well it never arrived and we had to leave. Iwouldhavetodotheseblogenterieswithoutaspacekey. Argggg.

The morning started early, 0630 (6:30am), so that we could finish preparing for our trip to Dana Point. We had engine started and out of the slip before 0900 (9:00am). First stop is the fuel dock to top off the main tank. Captain Lisa did a wonderful job at docking the boat but I thought that I would move it to the end of the dock near the forward pumps. We had it all secure before Cesar arrived. It took him a few minutes to get everything ready and then he informed me that the pumps where I had moved the boat to were high volume pumps and it would be better to move the boat back to, where Captain Lisa had first put the boat, the other end of the dock.

Cesar was very nice and even offered coffee and donuts to us. We got our 37 gallons of diesel and off we go.

As fate would have it we get out of San Pedro Bay and it is rough as can be. We are dead into the wind, spray in the cockpit. Lisa is not happy with my weather forecast. I go “Do you want to go back and try again Wednesday?” Her face lights up and it is a big YES. So back to our slip and when she went up to pay for 2 more days there was my keyboard waiting for me. Also yourlaptopexperts was very responsive for their mistake and refunded the shipping charges. I have changed my opinion of them and would use them again. Hopefully I will not leave the computer under an open hatch at night.

I guess it just wasn’t the day we were suppose to leave.