Today is a shopping day as we will be leaving again tomorrow for Dana Point. We are getting use to the trips to Vons and negotiating the streets. Also even though we walked more than 3 miles a day ridding the bikes uses a whole different set of muscles.

After the shopping trip it is time to store everything and get FatDash ready for the trip. One of the things we always do is check the fuel tanks and determine our cruising time and distance based on average fuel consumption per hour. Ever since running out of fuel on the way to San Simeon, well not really because we always keep 10 gallons on deck in reserve, I monitor the fuel consumption always. It is also when I check the oil, water, and general condition of the engine room. We also have a checklist of things to do the night before and the day of departing. This insures that everything gets done.

The rest of the day for me was catching up on the “Ships log” now that I have a working keyboard and some glasses that work.

Tomorrow we are off.