It started as a normal morning, that is good. We got up, had breakfast and checked out with the marina, again.


As we passed the lighthouse at the end of the jetty we said goodbye to Los Angles harbor and set our sights for Dana Point.


San Pedro Bay is a busy place as it is the entrance for both LA and Long Beach harbors. The AIS is really helpful as it tells us if the ships are at anchor or underway.

The sea was flat and no wind again.


After about 4 hours Dana Point was in sight. I can’t imagine what these people were thinking when they built this house.


We have arrived at Dana Point. Thank you Captain Lisa. We are anchored and it is time to secure FatDash from the journey and then relax. We put the sail covers back on, turn down the radio, set AIS to anchored, turn on the propane and water systems, stow life jackets and tethers, and generally pick up. This takes about an hour and allows us to watch the anchor to be sure it is set.


It’s beer thirty and we are relaxing and OMG this massive catamaran enters the anchorage. The chase dingy drives up to a boat that is tied up to the dock and starts yelling “move your boat”. Lame considering they had left the boat hours ago and it is tied up where it always ties up. They figure no one is home and proceed to dock between the tour boat and the tall ship. I can’t believe they can fit but they do it. Latter I found out that it is 125 feet long and 60 feet wide. We could be their dingy, in fact 3 of our boats would fit inside the pontoons and you wouldn’t be able to see us except for the masts.

Well that is it for today. We are at a new home.