Well we woke up this morning and the French yacht was gone. When we talked to them they said that they were also going to San Diego and then on to Mexico. Maybe we will meet again.

Today we are going to take the bicycles in and go to Mission San Juan Capistrano. This is a 5+ mile ride each way. We rode along the San Juan Creek Trail to Mission San Juan Capistrano and tied our bikes up to the post outside the visitors entrance.


They provide a recorded self guided tour as part of the entrance fee. There is a lot to see.


The first is the Founding Document for the mission. The last picture is the stone used to crush olives.


There were 6 solders stationed there but they proved inadequate when pirate Hipólito Bouchard raided San Juan Capistrano.


The first winery was started there. The middle picture is the grape stomping room and the juice flowed out to the basin in the last picture.


They made tallow, tanned hides, and smelted steel. The first picture is where they rendered the tallow. The next two pictures are where they tanned the hides. The last picture is what is left of the smelter for steel.


The grounds are beautiful and very well kept.


The original church was destroyed in the earthquake of December 8, 1812 destroyed the church and this is all that remains.


The first picture is of the original bells that are still here but not used as they cracked when the bell tower came down. The 4 bells in the second picture are used today.


We got done about 1300 (1:00pm) so we went for lunch at a place across the street called Mission Grill and had burritos and $5 margaritas. Then it was the 5+ mile ride back to the harbor to get the cooler bag out of the dingy and ride a mile for ice. Load the bikes and ice into the dingy and Lisa rowed back to FatDash. Time to rest.