It’s Saturday morning and the anchorage is crowded.

Today we are planning to make a trip to Costco. Need to restock on Margaritas and other stuff. The ride is not that far but we will be going down some busy streets. While at Costco Brandon Cser, whom we met at the San Pedro West Marine while we were buying an anchor, FaceBook messaged me that he was going to be at Dana Point later in the day.

We finished up our shopping at Costco and had lunch of $1.50 hotdogs and rode back to the pier. There we loaded our bikes up and 3 bags full up groceries and rowed back to the boat.

After stowing everything it was time for a Margarita. While relaxing Brandon and his friend Jerry pull up in a dingy. We invite them aboard and relax and watch the show in the anchorage.

After a couple of hours Jerry had to leave so we took him back to the public boat ramp and Brandon gave me a tour of the marina.


We invited Brandon to have dinner onboard and we sat and talked while watching the fishing boat that had a band on board cruse around the harbor. There is a video of the boat at the end of the blog.