Today we are going to finish the last leg of our trip down the California coast. We will end up in San Diego.


We left Mission Bay with Captain Lisa at the helm. They were doing some man overboard training in the Mission Bay Channel and requested we stay on the north side until we were past the boats involved in the exercise. As soon as we cleared the channel the waters got rough from the W swell so we proceeded on a SW course until we got in deeper water and we could make a turn to the SE and clear Point Loma. We cut Point Loma a little close and ended up in some kelp fields but finally we were at the entrance of the San Diego Harbor. On the plus side the kelp cleaned up the speed sensor and it is again working.


This is the first big city we have been at since leaving the bay area. I know, we were in Los Angles but actually we were in San Pedro and it is over the hill from LA. First thing we need to do is go to the Police/Customs dock and get a A9 anchoring permit.

DSCN3595A9 Permit FrontA9 Permit Back

We got ourselves docked and called the Harbor Police to come down and inspect FatDash. With permit in hand it’s off to the anchorage. This is another 3nm (nautical miles) into the harbor. Fortunately there was no large ship traffic. We went by Shelter Island and on to the east side of Harbor Island.


After we were all settled Lisa called Vic and Sarah, old family friends of Lisa’s dad, and told them that we were now in San Diego and asked if we could forward our mail to them. We got their address and Vic invited us out to dinner with them at 94th Aero Squadron. It is Sarah’s birthday and both of their kids would be there along with their grandson.

94th Aero Squadron is located across San Diego 10 miles away. Vic mentioned taking a cab or UBER there and he would bring us back. Time for an adventure. We have never used UBER before. I signed up on line and downloaded the app. Now time to get to shore as UBER doesn’t pickup at OUR door.

I took the straps off the dingy, removed the cover, emptied out the stuff we store in it, pumped up the keel and any tubes that had gone down. Now I dropped the HF antenna and put the line on the dingy, wrapped the other end on the winch for the main halyard and up the dingy goes into the air and over the rail. With Lisa pushing and guiding the dingy we get it into the water and tied to FatDash. The wind is blowing and it looks like it is going to be an up-wind row for Lisa. Ok we will put the motor on and motor in. I remove the motor from the aft rail and carry it to the gate where the dingy is tied. Then Lisa hands it down to me and I attach it to the transom of the dingy.

Now it’s time to load the life jackets, got to be legal, cable for locking the dingy up, 4 bottles of propane and ourselves into the dingy.

We made it to shore and now it’s time to figure out how this UBER works. I turn on the app and it shows where we are and says that Mike is 5 minutes away. I press the button and soon after Mike calls. I can’t really explain where we are as we don’t know the area but Mike says he will find us. Well I watch the little car icon for Mike get closer and closer then the car is past us. It turns around and again it goes past us. Now Mike calls back and we tell him to go down the street again and we stand right out in the bike lane on the road and this time he sees us and pulls over. We get in and off we go to the restaurant. In no time we arrive and we say goodbye to Mike and hop out. Overall the UBER was a good experience.


We are about an hour early for dinner so we tell the host we are with Vic & Sarah and we will be in, where else, the bar.

Vic & Sarah arrive on time and find us in the bar. We leave the bar and get our table. A couple of minutes later David, Hermine, David Jr., and Kat arrive. We all got acquainted, Neither Lisa or I had met David, Hermine, or David Jr.. We had a wonderful dinner and Vic insisted on picking up the check. Thank you Vic.

After dinner Vic and Sarah gave us a ride back to where we had parked the dingy. We dug our dingy out from all the other dingys parked there and off we went to find our boat. We boarded FatDash and secured the dingy to her and it was time for bed.