This is one of our goals. Getting to San Diego by transiting the California coast. We have survived weather, seas (especially around Point Conception), and mostly our mistakes. Every day we learn something new.

Today we went exploring the San Diego waterfront. We walked what felt like 100 miles but actually it was about 8 or 9.


We passed the Cancer Survivors Park on the way.

When we got to Shelter Island we had lunch and explored the various marine stores. Then it was time for the long walk back. Finally arriving at the dingy dock we got in and I tried to start the engine. I pulled and pulled the starter cord and put put pugh. Lisa starts rowing. A guy and two girls pull up and ask “are you on the FatDash?” It turns out that he is Cameron who we met when we first got to Richmond in August of 2014. We talked for a while and then continued rowing to FatDash. After getting to FatDash I tried again to start the motor and after changing the propane cylinder it started right up. Fate is strange because that is the next thing I was going to do but instead we rowed and because we were rowing we ran into Cameron.


Now it’s time to relax and enjoy the sunset.


Later the lights of the San Diego come on. San Diego has one of the more colorful skylines. Sorry for the blur but nothing holds still on a boat.