Today is shopping day. This means that we will be taking the bikes in. It can be quite a job when FatDash is going one direction and the dingy is going another. Lisa hands each bike in it’s bag down to me and I stow it in the bow.

This time I am able to get the motor started and we motor into the dingy dock. Now it is time to offload the bikes and bags onto the dock, tie up the dingy, and assemble the bikes. Then off we go to the store.


On the way we pass the USS Recruit or as all of us in boot camp called it “USS Never Sail”. During boot camp I had to do drills on this boat. I was surprised to see it still standing.

Now off to the store and shopping. After we finished shopping it’s ride the bikes back to the dingy dock, fold the bikes up and bag them, load the bikes and groceries into the dingy, and go back to FatDash. Then haul everything onto FatDash and stow it away.