Well it’s the weekend. Anchorages always change on the weekend. In fact for people that live aboard their boats the weekends always bring out the weeds. This is the term we came up with for the people that come to their boat on the weekends. Like weeds they pop up for a while and then are gone. Now don’t get me wrong I have many friends that are weeds and they would be welcome additions into the cruising/live aboard community. But the weekend brings out all those people that on land are the ones that run the red light, speed through your neighborhood, are loud, rude, and don’t feel that the rules of society apply to them. Example no wake zones. Many times, before I just quit doing it, I would ask them to slow down they are making a wake. I have been told, “I didn’t know it was”, “I can’t go slower”, fuck off you aren’t the police”, and worse. In a marina the wake causes line chafe. At anchor it can cause an anchor to break free. If I was on land and crashed a shopping cart into their car they would be wanting me arrested or attacking me but in the water they can damage my boat and it’s ok. Well enough about this my rant is over.

Today I decided to look into the reason the dingy motor was running so badly. I checked the idle and it was set way too low. Also the throttle cable was loose and didn’t start working until the handle was twisted 1/3 of the way. Afterwards it seemed to run better but time will tell.

We didn’t leave FatDash at all today and spent the day catching up on maintenance item.

Rain is expected tonight.