This morning I woke up to a nice cool morning. I was the only one up and it gave me time to sit and have a relaxing cup of coffee while sitting outside on the patio. Vic and Sarah have a Keurig coffee maker and my first task was how do I turn it on. On a boat we can’t afford the space or the power needed to run one. I finally found the switch and got it turned on. Now I have to find the coffee. I see a lot of coffee cups but they are all flavored, decaf or hot coco. Oh no they drink nothing but flavored coffee. Finally I find a rack of cups and they are all real coffee. With coffee in hand off to the patio and check email.

Later everyone got up and Sarah cooked a wonderful breakfast. I ate way too much. Before we knew it it was 1300 (1:00pm) and time to head back to FatDash before the traffic got bad.

We got to the dingy dock and YES the dingy was still there with the outboard still mounted. We loaded up the Dingy, got the motor started and headed back to FatDash. After tying up the dingy and offloading all the laundry it was time to have dinner and relax for the evening.