Well today we needed water. We loaded the two 5 gallon water containers into the dingy and motored over to the dingy dock that has water. Someone was already filling up their boat but they said we could fill our containers up and let us use their hose which was attached to a water filter. We filled up the containers and back to FatDash we went. Repeat 3 more times and we have at least 40 gallons of water now.

Now it’s time for lunch. After lunch we decided to haul the dingy out and put it on deck and get the water out of it. We attached the motor to the davit on the end of the boat and attached the line we have on the main mast to the dingy. We start hauling it up and oh no the bottom is all covered with barnacles. We put it in the bow and begin scrapping and scrubbing the barnacles off. 3 hours later the bottom is clean again and we have learned a new lesson. Pull the dingy out every day. This is something we were going to have to do in Mexico but I guess we will just start early.

Now the dingy is all clean and stowed on the bow. We go down below and realize we had not shut the port lights. There is water in the boat and the port light screens are all covered with barnacles. We clean up the water and call it a night. Tomorrow morning we will clean the screens.