Today we are going to go get our fishing license for Mexico but first we have to clean the  port light screens to get the barnacles off. I remove the screen, clean it, spray it down with “Fluid Film”, and reinstall it. The next one I remove it and notice that the rubber is ripped. We will see what Newfound Metals says about it. After the screens are cleaned we lower the dingy into the water and put the motor back on and dingy into the dock. There we tie up and lock up the dingy and off on foot we go. It is a 1.3 mile walk uphill. By the time we get there it is 1230 (12:30pm) but the office is open. A one year fishing license costs $46.40 per person for a one year license. In California the license is $136.50 per person for a one year license, we opted out of getting one. The people were very nice and even got us each a large glass of cold water. They said sit and cool off as long as we want.

A while later with fishing licenses in hand we started off for a local market a couple of blocks away on the way back. We needed milk and orange juice. We loaded up Lisa’s pack and down the hill to the dingy dock we went. We motored back to FatDash, hauled the motor up, hauled the dingy up, and called it a day.