Today we stayed on FatDash all day. Started the morning by replacing the positive connector on the starboard solar panel. I have been having trouble with it not making a good connection. I have some spares so I installed a new connector and soldered the wire to the connector. I am getting 100 wore watts from the panel now.


Next is oiling locks. The sea air is very rough on the locks and a regular task is oiling them. The bike locks would barely work. The lock for the dingy was also getting hard to open and close. They are all oiled now and work smoothly.

Now to fix some of the things that have been on the list of things to do for a while. First is the engine alarm. It has never worked since we purchased FatDash. Because it doesn’t work we forget to turn the engine key off, not needed to stop the engine, and the hour meter continues to run. This is like the speedometer in your car. I time the maintenance on the engine by the number of hours that have passed since the last maintenance.

First I tested at the sensors and nothing happened. Next is opening the pedestal.


Inside I checked all the fuses and they are good. Looking at the back of the buzzer/light I only see one wire but 2 terminal posts. I looked around inside the pedestal and found a orange, this is the correct color, wire tucked up in the corner with the lug taped off. I removed the tape and attached it to the other post and turned on the key. I see a light and hear a buzzer, this is good. Now I start the engine and in a few seconds the buzzer and light go off. This is also good. Now I stop the engine and in about 15 seconds the buzzer and light come back on.


You can see the buzzer/light module in the background. Now when the engine is turned off the buzzer will sound and we will know to turn the key off.

Well I have done enough work for today. Time to relax.