Today we decided to explorer Balboa Park. The park is at the top of the hill that we climbed to get our fishing licenses. We ended up walking the bikes up the hill. When we finally got to the top there was the park.


First we had to cross the Cabrillo Bridge. It affords a great view of the California Tower at the Museum of Man. Looking down from the bridge you see highway 163 passing below.


After crossing the Cabrillo Bridge you come to “Puente de Cabrillo” the  entrance to the 1915 Exposition. Also you can see the tower at the Museum of Man and the dome at the Old Globe Theater. Passing through “Puente de Cabrillo” we came to the front of the Museum of Man with it’s ornate entrance.


From the stairwell of theNAT (Natural History Museum) we had a birds eye view of “Casa del Prado” (San Diego Youth Theatre).


We wandered around theNAT for hours. We went through the Maya exhibit and then wandered all the other floors, five in all.


By this time we were getting hungry. We went across the street to the Village Grill and split a mushroom cheese burger with grilled onions and onion rings. Every once in a while we eat bad but it tastes so good. Now it is time to work off some of those extra calories. We hop on the bikes and head for down town San Diego. There we will go to the Ralph’s grocery store to pick up some essential food items and of course restock the adult beverages. It is quite a ride down town on bikes at rush hour.

We finally get to Ralph’s and complete the shopping. It is about 3 blocks to the bike trail that will take us all the way to the dingy dock. We get the bikes and groceries into the dingy. When the last thing was loaded, Lisa, we got a applause from some people on shore. Evidently we ended up being their entrainmentSecret telling smile.

Back to FatDash, offload bikes, groceries, spare propane for the engine, outboard, and cable to lock up the dingy. Hook the dingy to the halyard and up on deck it goes. After getting everything put away it is time to relax. Another good day Hot smile.