Today the skies are overcast. About a half hour after getting up it starts raining. I rush out in the rain and close the hatches. The battery meter says that we are at 13% for the house bank. That is the lowest we have ever been. After breakfast I start the engine to charge the batteries. With 4 days of clouds the solar panels haven’t kept up. I start the engine and about 5 minutes later I find out why the engine alarm was disconnected. The heat sensor is defective as it goes off when the engine gets to about 100 degrees. The engine should be running at about 180 degrees so this sensor goes off way too soon. Something else to replace.

1½ hours later we have a little better charge on the batteries and the solar panels are now putting out. I shut the engine off for some peace and quiet. We will see how today goes.

At the end of the day we were at 22%. Slowly refilling the batteries.