Today we woke up to a beautiful El Cajon morning.


There was the Met Life blimp cruising around the valley.

Today Vic is going to return us to FatDash via Costco. This should be our big resupply. When we got the total at the cash register I knew we were in trouble. We have to get it all in the dingy along with our clean clothes and as luck would have it we also were giving a fellow cruiser a ride to the anchorage. Everything sort of fit but the wind was blowing up the waves and some of the bags got wet. We got everything onboard and started the process of repackaging everything so it would fit. About 2 hours later it was time to relax.

We had dinner, watched Big Bang Theory and played cards. Lisa won both games. Now for the last thing that I had put off. The bed still wasn’t made. It is a chore to make having to lift the edges of the mattress to get the sheets and blanket on.

With the bed made we settled in for a peaceful nights sleep.