Today we decided to take the bikes in and ride to Mission Brewery. The other day I had a “Hard Root Beer” at a deli that was made at Mission Brewery. Ever since I was curious what other things they had.

We got everything in the dingy and headed to the dingy dock. After offloading the bikes and trash we locked the dingy to the dock using our 15 foot cable. I pulled my bicycle out of the bag it is stored in and set it on the dock. The front tire is flat. Ok I pull the wheel off and go around the tire looking for what caused the air to leak out. There it was a goats head thorn. I took out the tube and pulled the thorn out of the tire so it doesn’t puncture the tire after I patch it. I get out the patches that were supplied in the tool kit I carry and all the glue on the patches is dried up.

It’s back to FatDash to get the spare tire we have there. I start out but soon the motor quits. I am out of propane but I carry 3 bottles so all I have to do is change the bottle. With that done I go back to FatDash and dig in the V berth and find the spare tire. Then back to the dock in the dingy. I replace the tire and pump it up and put it back on my bike. We are finally off.

We ride along the waterfront around to the convention center. It is Sunday so we have to dodge lots of people. We turn and go by Petco park and a couple of blocks further is Mission Brewery.

It is a nice tasting room in the brewery. No food but a food truck was parked outside. Besides having the “Hard Root Beer” they have a “White Peach Margarita”, “Blueberry Paloma, and two slushy drinks “Frozen Tropical Punch” and “Frozen Orange Lemonade”. They also have a good selection of standard brews. We tried a couple of the brews and settled on “Dark Seas” a Russian Imperial Stout and a Robust Porter.

We met another couple there. She is a journalist and he is a IT person. They are riding a couple of hands free Segways. If it wasn’t for the fact that they need to be charged and aren’t waterproof I would really like one.

It was getting late and we still had to ride back and take the dingy back to the boat.