Today is the day everyone that is in the Baja Ha-Ha leave. A couple of boats left from the anchorage we are at.

The day started out pretty good and went down from there. I emptied the composting toilet into a plastic bag for disposal. You can guess what happened. The bag fell  over dumping out some of the contents onto the shower floor. Wearing gloves I got as much of it back in the bag and scrubbed out the head. Then Lisa went in and scrubbed out the head/shower with bleach.

Now it is time to go to the dingy dock and get some water. We get there and there is a boat parked there and using the water. 20 minutes later they finally are done using the water and we can fill up our 2 five gallon jugs. Back to FatDash and empty the jugs into the water tank. Again back to the dingy dock and the same boat is again using the water. This time they let us cut in and fill our jugs. Back to FatDash and empty the jugs. One more time. This time there is a different boat there but I am able to squeeze into the dock and they aren’t using the water so we fill up and leave. With the water runs done it is time for lunch.


After lunch I decide to fix the ladder so both braces contact the hull so the weight is distributed evenly. I measure at least three times, wrap tape around the stainless tube and cut. While the ladder is off the boat I clean and wax it. I install the ladder and find I cut the brace too short. The day is not going well. I fix it so it will work and decide that I am done for the day before I screw up anything else, little did I know.

I fix a cocktail, get the cockpit cushions out and sit down to relax. The sun is right in my eyes so I change position so I face the other way. Over goes my drink all over the seats and cockpit floor. I am getting the feeling that today isn’t going to be my day. I put the cushions away and start getting buckets of water to wash down the cockpit. Now everything is wet. Squeegee the seats and floor then get towels to dry them. This is not relaxing. I put the cushions back and Lisa makes me another drink. Finally relaxing. I am not doing anything else.

Later tonight we decide to play rummy. Just to be sure my day is totally bad Lisa kicks my butt twice. Maybe I can sleep without something happening.