Today is my birthday. We are going to Balboa Park and visiting the Museum of Man.


First off we have to go up the hill to get there. We end up walking the bikes up the hill. As you can see there is even a stop sign for the cars going downhill because you can’t see anything until you start down.


First we toured the Beerology exhibit. They had ancient growlers and cups on display. Beer has been around since before wine.


Next it is the Mayan exhibit. I am looking forward to visiting the actual places but that will have to wait until we get to the Atlantic.


Last is the Egypt exhibit.


Then we headed down to the central area for a lunch.


Last stop was the botanical gardens.


After Balboa Park we went to Mission Brewery for a Hard Root Beer Float. Well they had the Root Beer but the ice cream was melted. We passed on it and just had a couple of their excellent beers on tap.

After that we went to Berkley Pizza for a slice of Chicago Style pizza. The pizza was ok but the slices were very small and left us wanting something else. Across the street is a Irish pub. We went there and had some authentic chicken strips and fries, they were on the happy hour menu, and a couple more drinks. Now it is time to drunk ride back. I turn on my light and it isn’t working. Lisa’s head light is also not working. Ok we make it a quick trip back to the dingy, load the bikes and get everything including ourselves back on board and call it a night.