Today I am repairing the head and replacing the sink drain hose.

I have noticed that the fan on the head is cutting out so I decided to tear it apart and see what is wrong. Well it turns out the positive wire from the jack to the fan has corroded. Just a minor tug and it came apart. I tried to find parts local but couldn’t be sure what the exact replacement part should be so I e-mailed Natures Head and asked for the specifications. They e-mailed back that they would send me 2 replacement jacks and fans free. I am not used to dealing with a company that is this responsive. I e-mailed them a local address and will wait for the fans to arrive.

Now on to the sink drain. On the original work list from the survey in 2012 replacing the sink drain was one of the items. I removed the old hose, only slightly wounding myself, and started to install the replacement hose I had purchased a year ago. The inside diameter is too small. I even tried boiling some water and heating the hose but it still wouldn’t work. Ok I have some hose left over from when I was going to re-plumb the heads before we decided to go to a composting head. That hose fits just right. Sink now has a new hose on it.

Now to pump the water out of the bilge. I turn on the switch and nothing. Ok another thing to go at the top of the work list.

Now that I am done making a mess in the boat Lisa is going to clean it. We have found it is easier to have me go on deck while Lisa cleans so I am not in the way. She scrubs and vacuums, yes we have enough AC to vacuum, inside and I work at relaxing on deck.

With the boat clean we are done for the day.