Today I worked on the running lights, replacing the bow light with a LED light and determining why when we left San Diego the switch would not turn on the running lights. Lisa is doing laundry.


This is what the bow light looks like. The lens is crazed and cracked. It uses standard light bulbs that draw a lot of power. I will be replacing it with an LED light.


First I cut out 2 pieces of starboard. One piece would go against the existing stainless steel mounting bracket. The second piece will attach to the first piece and will provide a mounting base. After cutting out the two pieces of King Starboard I drilled mounting holes. Two mounting holes were drilled into the base piece and then a counter sink was drilled so the mounting bolts would not stich out. The second piece of King Starboard is the mounting for the new LED light. I drilled 3 holes, 2 for the screws that mount the light. These screws go through to the first piece and attach the two pieces together. Then I drilled a hole through both pieces for the wire. I also drilled a hole up from the bottom of the first piece to the wire hole so the wire could be fed out the bottom.


I still think it looks a little rough but for now it will do.


While I was doing this Lisa was washing clothes. First she fills up the 5 gallon bucket loosely with clothes. It holds about half a washer load. Then she adds water to the top. She adds some detergent and bleach and the plunger. The handle of the plunger goes through the top, we use the screw on lids. Then it is agitation time. About 20 minutes later open the bucket and take out the clothes. Wring out the water put the clothes back in the bucket, add water to the top, put the plunger in and close the lid. Rinse cycle for 20 minutes. Now open the lid and wring out the clothes again and hang on the lifelines to dry. There is a movie of her washing at the end of the post.

Afterwards we took our walk that we do every day. If we don’t then both of our blood pressures and cholesterol go up.