Today the wind is blowing at 20+ knots as predicted. Not much to do today except to hang out in the boat and do some reading.

The plan now is to do the following:

  • Hang out here until the weather clears up on Saturday
  • Get underway 11/28 @ 0600 (6:00am) and transit to Punta Baja anchorage at 29°57.280’N  115°48.090’W. We will arrive the same day @ 1600 (4:00pm).
  • Get underway 11/29 @ 0500 (5:00am) and transit to Islas San Benito anchorage at 28°18.180’N  115°34.330’W. We will not arrive until 11/30 @ 1500 (3:00pm).
  • Get underway 12/1 @t 1500 (3:00am) and transit to Turtle Bay anchorage at 27°41.449’N  114°52.383’W. This is another overnight passage and we will not arrive until 12/2 @ 1100 (11:00am).

If the weather still doesn’t look very good, we need 5 days of good weather, we will leave on 12/2 with the same schedule and route.


Here is what our rout will look like.


One thing is we are having beautiful sunsets. “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight”.