Well we finally made it out of Ensenada. We were woke up at 0600 (6:00am) with the loud roar of motorcycle engines. The motorcycles start first. It is time for us to go. Helicopters’ are flying overhead there are people everywhere. We got everything done yesterday except for fuel. That will be our first stop on our way out of here.

The best place to get fuel is a Marina Coral that is 2 nautical miles away. We turn in our key card and get our deposit back, Jose lets us back onto the docks, we disconnect power, start the engine, untie the lines, and we are on our way.

The entrance into Marina Coral is narrow, less that 60 feet wide. We go through and turn to starboard and head for the fuel dock. We pull up and throw lines and get tied up. Then the attendant asks how much. I say 45 gallons. Oops they sell fuel in liters. Time to do some conversion. Ok I need about 160 liters. 159.61 liters later he hands me a slip and tells me to pay at the office. Up at the office the senorita takes the slip and my credit card and $141.65 later I have a receipt and go back to FatDash.


We untie and Lisa expertly pulls away and we begin our 5 hour journey.


We pass between the Banda Point on the mainland and Todos Santos Island and we are once again along the coast.


It was looking like a wonder day not a cloud in the sky until there were. Where did these come from? No mention on the weather report. Well at least by noon they were all gone.


We tried our hand at fishing but no luck. Tomorrow I will put some weight on the line to sink it.


We travel for about 5 hours and finally come around Punta Santo Tomas to the anchorage. This is a little fishing village and there is quite a contrast between the gated community and the little plywood shacks. We are finally anchored and time for my siesta.


I wake up feeling a little cold. No wonder a fog bank has rolled in. Time to seek shelter inside.

Movie tonight is Star Wars II. Then early to bed and off we go again tomorrow.