The day started out with us being woken up at 0400 (4:00am) because of a loud noise that we didn’t recognize. I went out and checked everything out and found no problems. Again we heard the same noise. As we are not going to get any sleep we just got up. We were going to get up at 0530 (5:30am) anyways and the best we would be getting is one more hour of sleep. It wasn’t until I raised the anchor at 0700 (7:00am) to get underway that I found out what the strange noise was. The bridal that connects the anchor chain to the boat was slipping on the chain. Anyway we got up and had breakfast and finished the morning checklist in preparation to get underway. Lisa went outside to get the cockpit ready and when she was looking around she realized that the little 3 sided houses on the cliff onshore were actually outhouses. They have no wall on the seaward side and as this is morning the one right in front of us was being used. She quickly came back inside. A few moments later is was time to start the engine, which is Lisa’s job, but she didn’t want to go outside as the outhouse was still being used. After the outhouse was vacated she started the engine, I pulled up the anchor, and we were underway.

Today we traveled from Puerto Santo Tomas to Bahia Colnett. Bahia Colnett is located at 30°57.699’N  116°17.691’W. The trip took 8+ hours and involved going at a heading of 140o hours on end. Very boring.


There was not a lot to see along the way.


After we got out of the crab pots I threw in our fishing line and drug it behind FatDash. We scored a Pacific Mackerel. We will be eating tonight Smile. I gave  the fish a shot of vodka, Lisa gutted it and I fillet it.

We finally rounded the mesa that goes out into the Pacific and will provide shelter for us from the SW swells.


We went down to the big gorge in the mesa and continued east through the crab pots, they seem to be everywhere, and dropped our anchor in 17 feet of clear water.

It is now 1400 (2:00pm) and time to stow everything away and relax. It looks like we will have cell phone here so we can waste time on FaceBook.


It is now time for sundowners and a dinner for fresh Pacific Mackerel and Brussels sprouts in orange and honey glaze.